Talent Strategy

Respect Talents, Cultivate Talents, and Help Talents to Make Achievements

    The mission of Far East University is to “create value and serve society”. It is working to be “a global investment management specialist, smarter energy specialist, i.e. leading provider of smarter energy and smarter city”. The Group has a great vision of “becoming an enterprise loved by staff and respected by the society”. 
    Human Resources Management of Far East Holding Group insists on the philosophy of “Respect Talents, Cultivate Talents, and Help Talents to Make Achievements” and always lives up to putting talents with virtue and outstanding achievements first as its core, ensuring that more resources and platforms go towards those with virtue and outstanding achievements. The Group develops employee’s potential, achieves organizational goals, and realizing “win-win” between the enterprise and employees by management and optimization of work system, the staff’s learning and development, and paying attention to the staff’s right and benefit on the premise of respecting staff’s demands.
    Integrate into Harlyn and you’ll realize how big the world is. Members of Far East with great aspirations will build it into a “modern, international and green with certain scale” enterprise “loved by staff and respected by the society”, under the leadership of Jiang Xipei. Human Resources take the responsibility to cultivate talents, making progress while maintaining stability and developing while maintaining progress and striving for becoming an international first-class enterprise.

Putting talents with virtue and outstanding achievements first as its core

    The Group’s talent management philosophy shifts from “putting people first as its core” to “Putting talents with virtue and outstanding achievements first as its core”. The enterprise believes that 70% of achievements are done by excellent employees who account for 30% of the total employees. “Putting talents with virtue and outstanding achievements first as its core” means that the enterprise gives priority to these employees to access to the enterprises’ resources. The excellent employees are selected based on two qualities: “virtue” and “achievement”. “Virtue” includes morality and value, acknowledging and practicing the enterprise culture as an example. “Achievement” means “accomplishment” and “ability”.
  • 高度认同并模 范践行企业文化和价值观
  • 品德高尚,职业操守较好
  • 业绩指标有效承接公司战略,并出色完成
  • 工作方法创 新、有效


The enterprise initiates a method to select talents from six main aspects: education, experience, ability, contacts, thoughts and virtue, based on which the managers need to focus more on their ideas, performances and achievements.

  • Thought

    Ability to discriminate risks, to have an insight into market, to innovate sustainably, to lead and to executive personally

  • Performance

    Value, work style, conduct, sense of responsibility, sense of discipline and interpersonal relationships

  • Achievements

    whether achievement index responds to the enterprise’ strategy and hit the target; ways to work are effective and innovative; the improvement of achievements on year-on-year basis and on month-on-month basis


  • A Promising Future
  • Distribution according to one’s performance
  • Distribution According to Capital
  • Encourage Advancement
  • Employees’ Welfare

  • The enterprise attaches great importance to the employees’ happiness and creates competitive incentives to allow them to have a promising future and facilitate their sense of belonging and sense of pride.













  • Deepening business partnership

    By offering core workers the stock ownership incentive mechanisms, the enterprise creates more opportunities for talents to become the enterprise’s shareholders, facilitating workers, with a partner’s mindset, to combine personal development with the development of the company.

  • Competitive Compensation System

    In terms of value distribution, the company emphasizes on “basic protection, giving priority to achievement with due consideration to fairness, and being scientific and reasonable”, making employees’ salary more competitive both among peers and in the same area.

  • Encourage Advancement

    The design and execution of the enterprise’ system tend to provide excellent employees with incentives. It connects achievements with salary, promotion, assessment, title, house-purchase and competition for positions.

  • In addition to mandated benefits, the enterprise offers comprehensive welfare for the staff, involving basic necessities of life. There are 14 major items and 21 minor terms, providing timely help which is an icing on the cake.

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